When organizations are growing, the search for passionate talent becomes increasingly more important. Companies need to have new perspectives from others’ experience and to help guide those less experienced below them to become better. Finding experienced professionals in the areas of payroll, human resources, accounting, taxation, legal, investor, and administrative services can be a challenge but in order to provide reliable services to our clients, it is necessary to have experienced individuals leading our organization to enable quick and accurate responses to difficult client inquiries, and we love a challenge!

The professionals who join Tricor’s ranks will have the opportunity to not only help improve and inspire those around them, but will also be able to progress and advance themselves. Having the chance to work with a variety of clients in various industries including foreign startups and well-established companies in the markets we serve, our professionals will have the chance to gain an increased perspective in the area of their professional interest while being exposed to all other areas of Tricor services.

Chart Your Ability

Joining Tricor will also give you the chance to work with our current associates including certified labor and social security attorneys, accountants, immigration lawyers, company law experts and tax accountants where learning from each other is an essential part of the journey.

Experienced individuals will not be limited to only operational work; you will also have the opportunity to consult for and advise clients in their areas of expertise.

Tricor wants to help you advance your career and immediately contribute to our business as an experienced professional!

Family-Friendly Employers Award

We are proud to share that Tricor is honored to receive the Special Mention 2017/18 from Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme (“FFEAS”).

FFEAS recognises companies who help employees balance their work and personal lives through family-friendly policies and practices, family benefits and support, and employee activities.